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Desktop Computer Repairs

Desktop Computers, Upgrades and Repairs.

Work is done on a no fix no fee basis, Zenith Desktop - PC Q35456There is no charge for any diagnosis.


Standard Computer Repairs:

  • Computer Service: Hardware check. Windows updated to date. Drivers updated. Virus and malware scan. Redundant file clean up, orphaned registry entries cleaned, de-fragmentation of hard drive, unnecessary start up programs stopped, cooling and power supply system cleaned and new thermal paste applied to heatsink. £15.00
  • Virus removal: All virus’s removed for £20.00
  • Re-installation/installation of Operating system: Documents backed up, new operating system installed including all drivers, backed up files scanned for computer virus’s and replaced. £20.00
  • Computer Hardware Repairs: If hardware cannot be repaired it can be replaced by a same, similar or better component. A price can be given upon a free inspection.
  • General Desktop Computer Repairs: All machines can be brought to me for a free assessment before any repair is done, allowing you to make a desision upon whether you want to go ahead with the repair or not.
  • Computer Upgrades: Upgrades to memory, graphic cardss, hard drives etc can easily be performed. I can take your computer and give you a recommended upgrade path, in some cases giving you a virtually new computer inside the existing case, the only limit is your imagination.
  • New Custom Built Computers: I can provide new computers built specially for you. We can discuss your needs and budget, and a computer built specifically for those requirements can be built. If you wish or you can contact me and we can discuss your needs. If ordering a system please allow from 1-3 working days for delivery.

 What’s the advantage of having a specially built computer over a branded system?

Well very often a branded computer will have un-needed software or components that you still have to pay for, pound for pound although sounding very cheap the branded computers have cheap components inside them and in my opinion are rarely worth the money you pay for them. Also you are usually talking to a salesperson who has little or limited knowledge of the subject.

Buying from me or what is known as a re-seller gives you someone who has a vested interest in the customer. Being a small business I care about my customers and want to uphold my good name. I use the best parts available to me to suit your budget. I am also there for any problems that arise and you will not be at the end of a phone system on hold if you need support.


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