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Game Console Repairs

Game Console Repairs

Console Repairs – no fix no fee basisConsole repairs

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There is no charge for any diagnosis

Console repairs & laptop repairs at prices which are affordable, We beat any prices given by Console Doctor Newcastle & PC World, You will not be waiting weeks to get your item back our aim is for same day service if parts are not needed.
All games consoles or hand held games machines can be brought into the workshop for a free estimate on a repair or upgrade.
If you bring the console to me you can pay by cash, bank transfer or PayPal.
Due to the fluctuation in price and availability of parts world wide it is now very difficult to publish a price for a console repair.
A rough estimate can be given to you if you contact me but after a free diagnosis a competitive price will be given.

Console Repairs

Fixes with known prices :

  • Xbox 360 RROD Red Ring of Death (Three red lights) …£25.00
  • Xbox One Laser replacment…£50.00
  • PS3 YLOD Yellow Light of Death…£30.00
  • PS4 HDMI Port Replacment…£60.00
  • Xbox E74 (One red light) …£25.00
  • Nintendo DSL screen or power light flashes then turns off …£35.00
  • Xbox 360 Laser Replacement (open tray)…£20.00
  • DsLite top/bottom screen…£30.00
  • Wii laser replacment (game not playing)…£20.00
The above repairs are done using standard electronic repair techniques and not the various bogus fixes posted on the internet. The repairs have 60 days warranty* and should last as long as the original manufacturers assembly.

Please note that the YLOD and RROD are general hardware errors, and can sometimes not be the normal expected fault, for example the YLOD is 9 times out of 10 the GPU but on rare occasion it can be the hard drive or power controllers on the main board. If this is the case I will contact you regarding the repair required and any difference in the above quoted price.

If you are not sure which repair you need just give me a call.

All modern consoles can be repaired including PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii, Wii U, PSP, DS etc.

If you are local you can drop your console off for repair or:

Repairs can be posted to us for repair, a price will then be given for the repair once it has been diagnosed. If doing so please first read our terms and conditions and then print out and fill in this form and include it with the packaged item to be repaired. This is a UK mainland only service. By using this service you agree to our terms and conditions. All replacement parts are marked and serial numbers taken.

I aim to complete all repairs within 3 working days. However on occasion I need to source parts or my stock is depleted and this can take longer. Please note that most Console repairs will require the warranty void sticker to be spoilt. This is a requirement to achieve the repair and therefore will void your warranty with the original manufacturer. In some cases people have attempted to repair their console themselves before bringing it to me for repair, in these cases some parts have been broken or screws rounded off, this can take me a lot longer to do a repair and in such cases you will be advised of any extra costs incurred. (Always cleared with you before work is undertaken) In these cases an estimate for a repair will be charged £10.00 due to the time it can take to get past rounded screws etc.

*Also any console which has it warranty seal removed or voided or been repaired in any way other then by our self will not be cover by our warranty.
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