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Laptop Computer Repairs

Laptop computer repairs

Work is done on a no fix no fee basis,

Samsung-laptop2There is no charge for any diagnosis.

Standard Laptop repairs:

  • Liquid Ingress. If your laptop has had a liquid spill and you think the liquid has made its way inside your laptop Immediately turn off the laptop and remove the battery. DON’T try turning it back on again even after drying it out. Often traces of the liquid have become sticky inside and are waiting for you to turn it on and short the laptop. I can strip the laptop and clean all the circuitry with special solutions. This can be done for £50.00
  • Laptop Computer Service. Hardware check. Windows updated to date. Drivers updated. Virus and malware scan. Redundant file clean up, orphaned registry entries cleaned, de-fragmentation of hard drive, unnecessary start up programs stopped, cooling and power supply system cleaned and new thermal paste applied to heatsink. £15.00
  • Virus removal. All virus’s removed for £20.00
  • Password removal. Windows and BIOS passwords can be removed. £15.00 for Windows and from £25.00 for BIOS passwords.
  • Lost or deleted files. Hard drives and memory sticks can be scanned to recover lost or deleted files. From £30.00.
  • Re-installation/installation of Operating system. Documents backed up, new operating system installed including all drivers, backed up files scanned for virus’s and replaced. £20.00
  • Laptop DC power jacks (power socket on laptop) The old DC jack can be removed and a new one fixed to the motherboard. from £30.00
  • Replacement laptop screens fitted. New screens fitted from £50 dependant on size and type.
  • Replacement laptop keyboards. New keyboards can be fitted from £20.00
  • Laptop hardware repairs. Hardware repairs can be done down to component level, so if you have been told you need a new motherboard etc give me a call and there is every chance I can fix the part itself saving you money.
  • Upgrades. New hard drives, DVD drives and memory can be installed or upgraded.


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